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Zebra blinds

Zebra Blinds offer the best combination of utility and style, and are perfect blind for every room in the house. Zebra blind length remains only adjustable width. Combination of different colors and materials of high quality blinds can offer a normally very expensive product at a very affordable price.

Mr. Cover All

Your patio can quickly get hot in the afternoon sun, but Mr. Cover All has plenty of patio covers you can choose that allow you to cool your patio.

Maximum Lock & Security Ltd.

When you're looking for a locksmith Surrey has that you can trust for the best service possible, turn to none other than Maximum Lock & Security.

Euro-Men Painting Ltd

Nothing enhances the appearance of a space quite like a fresh coat of paint. So, when you’re ready to liven up your home or business, we’re ready to help. Repaints are our speciality—we begin by scouring your space for any imperfections and performing the necessary repairs prior to sanding, priming and painting.

Basement Renovations Toronto

Basement Renovations Toronto Basements are generally the most looked down upon part of our house, as an area where you can put your thing that don’t fit anywhere else and where you can stack old dusty things you don’t need for the years to come. The potential for change in basements is immense, and a renovation for the basement can turn your home in a much happier place, where instead of pale concrete walls and floor you can renovate your basement to a fully-fledged playground for you and your family’s pleasure and recreation.

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