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Digiadlab IT Company

DIGIADLAB is a vibrant and dynamic IT company headquartered in the heart of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Our core focus is on web/app development, e-commerce development, UI/UX design, content-based digital marketing, social media marketing, and social media optimization. We ensure you sure success with updated solutions and deliver excellent services according to the need of your business.

Caiden Media

Caiden Media is a top digital marketing agency in Toronto, and what makes Caiden Media a pinnacle in the web design and development is our creativity, experience, and solutions.


A digital marketing & design agency, owned and operated by industry experts and professionals, serving the industry since 2009. All team members are experts in digital marketing, design & development and have gathered under a roof to serve the community and help business to reach the new horizons through digital experience.

Appexo Internet Marketing

A digital marketing & design agency, owned and operated by industry experts and professionals, serving the industry since 2009. All team members are experts in digital marketing, design & development and have gathered under a roof to serve the community and help business to reach the new horizons through digital experience.


1. Earn money by receiving emails and seeing advertisements Did you know the major mops on point sites? You will receive many e-mails to the address registered in advance, so you can earn points by looking at the advertisement you are interested in. Every time a certain point is accumulated, you can earn income as cash. The trick to earning is to check all the categories of interest and increase the number of ads. It is possible to accumulate points without spending time by watching little by little every day when you are free! 2. Earn by online questionnaire If you want to earn money safely and securely about 10,000 $ a month, the questionnaire site is recommended. Answer the questionnaire sent and earn points. There are so many surveys that you can continue every day, and you only have to answer the surveys so you can work in your spare time. Participating in round-table discussions and product monitors will increase your points, so please gain experience and find a way that suits you. There are several survey sites, but the research panel is recommended! There are two types of questionnaire: low-priced questionnaire of 2 $ to 4 $ per questionnaire and high-priced questionnaire of 300 $ to 500 $ per questionnaire. Considering the time and effort, it is recommended to narrow down to high unit price questionnaires. 3. Continue until you hit! Earn with online sweepstakes Do you know the chance it's on the sweepstakes site? If you apply for verification, you can reduce the cost of purchasing it, so it is recommended. It doesn't just mean you earn cash, but you may only get the happiness here! Please give it a try. 4. Sell photos Sell ​​photos There is a site that sells photos taken. Judgment is required until the photo is posted, and it will not be posted immediately, but once you have passed the judgment and registered, you do not need to do anything afterwards. Even if you sell only one photo, there are tens of thousands of photos in the same genre on the site, so selling a little more photos can be linked to your income. After posting, there is no need to manage the photos yourself, and once the photos are purchased, the company will automatically pay you as income. 5. Online tutor A tutor on the Internet. Even for beginners who are not confident, the training system is in place so they can start working with peace of mind. In addition, the working hours are relatively long because of the lessons, and the remuneration is from 1.200 $ / frame, so high income can be expected. 6. Earn money by playing games in your spare time There are several ways to earn money in the game, Exchange in-game currency for real currency Selling in-game accounts for real · Create media that provides in-game information · Acting on behalf of others · Trade items with another player · There are several ways to earn money. · Isn't this a very attractive job for those who play games on a daily basis? · Let's introduce some typical online games. 7. Earn money by writing Earn by writing Writing is recommended if you earn with a smartphone (mobile). The price per article is not high, but you can work your way through your spare time. In addition, if you are a mobile user who always uses the Internet, you can start immediately because the work environment is in place. There are various writing genres, and you can select from the genres you want to write, such as beauty, travel, entertainers. The good thing about writing is that if the content of the article you wrote is good, you can earn more money or you can sign up for exclusive use. Another advantage is that it can be used safely by using cloud sourcing services. 8. Earn at auction It is a way to sell and sell things you no longer need at home at auction. It is possible to easily exhibit with smartphone without initial cost. If you just don't sell, you won't earn. Here are some important points to sell at auction. Items that are likely to be overpriced, discontinued, not for sale, limited items, shortages, difficult to obtain, etc. The timing of the exhibition is aimed at the seasonal items immediately before the season comes. If it is for housewife, it is noon on weekdays. Recommended for adults from Friday night to Saturday Check the pricing of other products of the same genre because they are not sold if they are higher than others Postage If you see it as a separate postage, you may leave there. The postage included amount is recommended. 9. Earn money from home work One of the jobs you can do at home is to transcribe . It is a job to input pre-recorded contents as sentences. There are no qualifications required, but it is a terrible task. Since technical terms etc. also appear, I will input while looking up where I do not understand. The contents include seminars and rare meetings with celebrities, and you can listen to specialized stories, which is an attractive job. However, there is a concern that those who are not good at tedious work may get bored on the way, so if you are worried about the contents of the work, please check the details and consider whether it is suitable for yourself. 10. Make money by selling illustrations and photos If you like photography, writing illustrations, and editing images and videos, there are some highly recommended ways to make money. For example, how to earn: Sell ​​line stamps, image materials, and postcard materials

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