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Alternatives Journal

A\J, or Alternatives Journal, is Canada’s national environmental magazine, independently publishing intelligent & informed environmental journalism since 1971. A\J is published by Alternatives Inc, a registered Canadian charity. Our mandate is to promote an understanding of “environment” in the broadest sense of the word, including social and political dimensions, and stimulate dialogue about environmental issues – as well as to provide critical and informed analysis and provide publishing opportunities for Canadians.

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Future Artificial Intelligence Technologies To Look For In 2

Artificial Intelligence offers great potential and great risks for humans in the future. While still in its infancy, it is already being employed in some interesting ways. Here we explore some of the main AI trends predicted by experts in the field. If they come to pass, 2020 should see some very exciting developments indeed. Artificial Intelligence Trends to Watch in 2020 Blockchain Blockchain As A Service AI-Led Automation Machine Learning Enterprise Content Management AI For The Back Office Quantum Computing AI Applications Mainstreamed IoT One trend to watch in 2020 will be advancements in the use of AI in computer-generated graphics. This is especially true for more photorealistic effects like creating high fidelity environments, vehicles, and characters in films and games. Recreating on screen a realistic copy of metal, the dull gloss of wood or the skin of a grape is normally a very time-consuming process. It also tends to need a lot of experience and patience from a human artist. Various researchers are already developing new methods of helping to make AI do the heavy work involved in creating complex graphics. NVIDIA, for example, has already been working on this for several years. They are using AI to improve things like ray tracing and rasterization, to create a cheaper and quicker method of rendering hyper-realistic graphics in computer games. Researchers in Vienna are also working on methods of partially, or even fully, automating the process under the supervision of an artist. This involves the use of neural networks and machine learning to take prompts from a creator to generate sample images for their approval.

Smart Dine-in at Restaurants | Order with Digital Waiter App

Y the Wait is a digital waiter and smart food ordering system in restaurants that have revolutionized the traditional ways of placing orders. The mobile application is designed to remove all the inconveniences faced by the customers while ordering food at the restaurants. Y the Wait is enriched with a lot of new features varying from order via your smartphone, takeaway & home delivery, happy hours, translated menus and much more.

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